mysights is Data as a Service platform to boost your digital campaign. This platform is built to monetize your internal data and enriched it with external source to get more insight of your customer behavior and product offerings. As part of Astra Group product, mysights built by accommodating industry best practice yet offered with flexible business model.

Our Services

  • Customer Insight

          Software-as-a-service solution that provides data analytics & insights based on specific business data & industry

  • Opinion Mining

          Perfect solution for monitoring cyber world information to produce better insight

  • Digital Influencer

          Personal digital assistant to boost brand awareness (personal/product) through social media channel

  • Web Lead

          B2B lead generation plaltform that analyze website traffic & capture visitor behavior

Business Solution

  • Boost customer targeting, sales figure and territory monitoring capability

  • Improve your customer experience and product development from digital channel

  • Monitor Social Media influencer and competitor with AI Technology

  • Analyze your website traffic and grab the leads