myforce is a mobile application system that enhance workforce operation become more simple, efficient, productive and faster. As part of Astra Group product, myforce built by accommodating industry best practice yet offered with flexible business model.

Our Services

1. Mobile Attendance

  • Help workforce to do clock in, clock out, overtime and leave request while on the field doing their daily assignment

  • Mobile Attendance

2. Health Safety Environment

  • Reliable mobile application platform to manage Health and Safety Environment Operation

  • Is a solution to support day to day HSE operation to identify potential hazard, daily inspection and incident report

3. Collector

    Improve collection efficiently, Reduce AR days, monitor collector productivity and performance

4. Surveyor

    Designed to fit all business needs of collecting and managing field data capture

5. Sales Personal Assistance

    Pipeline management and sales process monitoring to increase revenue and growth

6. Field Service Management

    Service Desk and Digital Support System to boost customer satisfaction by providing comprehensive monitoring of fieldman activity.

Business Solution

  • On Premise or Cloud Based

          myforce provides flexibility to customer to select and choose implementation package

  • Assured Security

          AGIT Cloud is ISO certified so you do not need to worry about the security of your data

  • Helpdesk Support

          We will help you when you find problems in myforce system with assured SLA

  • Continuous Support

           Whether you’re having additional features, or simply need to discuss about myforce, have a peace of mind that we will always be there every step of the way.