Data Services


One of the company's biggest assets is data. The data is certainly in large numbers and comes from various sources. How can your company use that data to become more valuable? For example, such as to predict future product trends. Do you also find it difficult to organize, maintain, analyze, and improve the quality of data in your organization?

Our Data Services Solution can help you to process and analyze the data that you have, so that it becomes more strategic for the company. This Data Services Solution is easy to operate, it does not depend on the type of OS or any Database. And with the support of in memory processing technology that we have adapted, our data processing speed is reliable and results are guaranteed.

1. Customer Data Platform

How do master data management get the golden record? Or how to give loyalty to customers in the form of discounts and promos based on transaction logs? Or How can a food company develop a variety and taste of food based on customer purchasing trends? AGIT has a Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution that can help the processing and analysis of customer data from various sources, both from within the company (such as data from CRM applications, ERP, Sales Apps, etc.) and external (social media, web, etc.), so obtained behavior patterns and can be used to optimize the marketing process to be more targeted. It is hoped that with this process and solution, the purchase of goods / services will further increase.

2. ETL

How do you extract data from a multi-vendor multi-system in a complex architecture?

How do you maintain data quality in various systems?

How do you manage data dependencies?

How do you overcome the high data volume and frequency of loading data?

AGIT has an ETL (Export Transform Load) solution, which collects files from various types of data and formats, which are then processed so that these files have a uniform data type and format. Not only that, this ETL can aggregate data to produce new data that is more valuable. After that, transfer is made to other systems and applications that require these files in a predetermined data format such as a dashboard and data warehouse.

3. Middleware

Having trouble monitoring all systems in the same application? Have different data types and formats, and many system resources that need to be combined to produce new data? AGIT has a Middleware solution, where it will act as an "intermediary" between an application and other applications to facilitate the integration process between those applications. These other applications include ERP, CRM, Billing System, Sales Apps, etc. All data sources are collected and then processed and integrated, then transferred to various other applications according to the format and type of data desired.

4. Meditation

How to process various types & formats of data?

How do you validate, map, normalize, aggregate & enrich data?

If your company is included in the telecommunications industry, having difficulty processing detailed records of use?

In call scenarios, detailed usage records are most commonly known as call detail records, and among broadband operators they are often referred to as internet protocol detailed records. Mediation also processes detailed event notes or EDRs that are usually generated by charging systems or other network elements. Therefore, the Mediation platform can process all xDRs generated by any network element, be it CDR, EDR or UDR.

By type, the mediation platform follows the task below:

  • Collection and validation of call detail records

  • Filter out call detail records not related to billing

  •  Arrange

  • The correlations of various input sources mention detailed notes

  • Merge partial call detail records associated with the same call

  •  Format changed and normalized call detail records

  • Data business transformation

5. Opinion Mining - Cyber World Monitoring Solution

Software-as-a-Service solutions that provide insights for your brand / product / personal to public information in the mass media.

Some sources that can be extracted:

  •  Online / offline news, local and national

  •  Social media

  •  Blog / Forum

  •  Another website

Examples that can be applied are:

 What is actually public opinion about our products in the mass media? Questions like this are important so we can know that our products are in line with customer expectations, so they can compete in the market. By utilizing AI Technology, Opinion Mining can summarize people's interest / sentiment towards our products which are then compared to competitors' products. So that we can know the next steps to penetrate the market, and can also immediately counter the negative issues that come from haters or competitors

6. Web Lead - Uncover Your Hidden Leads

Platform solutions that can optimize the functioning of your website by knowing who and what B2B visitors visit so as to produce Leads that can be used as prospects for your customers.

Some features:

  • Using Google Analytics Tracking Code

  •  Interactive & Customizable Dashboard

  •  Ranking Leads

  •  Territory & Industrial Filters

Use case:

After you have installed a Web Lead on the website, you will be able to track in detail the journey visitors as your prospect's most prospective customers. Simply by opening the web lead dashboard, you can get hundreds of Leads every day with minimal campaign costs but with an abundance of leads. The sophistication of this web lead technology is able to rank accurately so that you will be able to prioritize leads and do some filters such as industries, regions, and targeted products so that field teams can easily follow up.

7. SOAP - Shipment Optimizer Analytics Program

Analytics tools that function to optimize your travel route by automating the selection of priority points for drop points from several existing drop points. This includes optimizing the goods and vehicles to be distributed.

Detail features as follows:

  •  Route Optimizing

  •  Vehicle Optimizing

  •  Optimizer Result Dashboard

Sample case:

 The SOAP function is very significant especially for the logistics function related to the distribution of goods from 1 point to many points, for example the distribution of goods from the warehouse to many outlets. Because there are so many outlets that must be visited, shipping arrangements are very complex. By using the route optimizer algorithm, SOAP will generate recommendations for the optimal logistics distribution sequence. So that the costs incurred by the company will be far more efficient.

8. BPC - Budgeting Planning and Consolidation

Tools that can facilitate the process of budgeting, panning & consolidation with UX that are friendly and excel-like.

Equipped with the following features:

  •  I / O Workbook

  •  Version Management

  •  Workflow

  •  Excel display that is easy to use

Sample case:

The process of budgeting, Planning & Consolidation is often an obstacle in the Company. With so many users involved making the versioning process confusing, plus the approval process that must be done step by step as well as human error factors that often occur. But the flexibility of the table remains a demand by the user so that it is easy to make changes immediately. So this BPC Tool combines Excel with a user interface that can keep the end-to-end process safer, more effective and faster.