In today's development of the IT world where it is required to be more effective and carry out work activities wherever and whenever it cannot be separated, it is supported by a good network which is a source of connectivity to one another and a data center that has a role in supporting all of these.

Today we will take a further look at how integrated tools, connections, services can play an important role in company innovation and success.

Cisco with Intent-Based Network solutions with Cisco DNA, which this solution can support the digitization of the network in your company and make your network can be automated and also Cisco Collaboration to strengthen communication between lines of the company more interactive and flexible. So that it can help speed up a decision.

AGIT brings an interesting solution by bringing the solution into one complete part, namely the services of the AGIT Data Center, where our DC services can provide the need for DRC from server systems intent-based networking (DNA) and Cisco System Collaboration, and also we provide IaaS to support the system.